About me


Expositie Bibliotheek Almere Haven


Van 10. april tot 19.september is mijn tentoonstelling "You are my pearl" te zien in de bieb in Almere Haven.



Kunstmarkt op Havenfestival


02.september doe ik week mee bij de kunstmarkt tijdens het Havenfestival in Almere. Ik hoop jullie daar te zien!

About me


My name is Catherina Lissner, I grew up in East Germany and moved to Stockholm after my studies in architecture. After 13 years in Sweden my boyfriend and I came to the Netherlands. In October 2014 we found a good home in Almere Haven.


Around the age of 6-7 I started to explore clay and have since not given up on it. The simple pleasure of creating something by hand as well as playing with form and color is the main attraction for me. I also find peace and meditation in the repetitive motion of the throwing wheel.

My work contains mostly dishes (mugs, bowls, plates, etc.) in stone ware, but also sculptures, bird houses and more.I find great joy in firing ceramics in the japanese raku technique. The immediate results, the vibrance of colors and varying craques are a big thrill.


My ceramics has been shown in several exhibitions and at a local art center in Stockholm. I sold necklaces at a boutique chain in Sweden and participated in art walks. A big project was the artistic entrance designs for 5 residential buildings that I had designed in my job as an architect.


Ceramics was for many years an extended hobby next to my work as an architect. But after a time of sickness I want to dedicate my time to my passion for clay.



Catherina Lissner,

Noordmark 16,

1351 GB Almere Haven


cell phone: 06-46717737